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For over 25 years I’ve been privileged to entertain many audiences all over the world – it’s been a very thrilling ride. (see “The Gentleman Balladeer) During this time I’ve collected a repertoire of over 500 songs of various genres. Since I can’t sing them all in one night, I’ve selected the songs according to various themes and created a number of one hour theme based shows – which would go well with having the audience dress accordingly or a party atmosphere created to reflect the theme.

All the shows contain popular, well known favourite numbers which you’ll find yourself singing along, clapping your hands and tapping your feet. Sing-a-long is encouraged!!!

As well I usually have a few stories and jokes to tell along with the odd funny song to keep you chuckling.

I look forward to entertaining you and your audience.

Check out the various themes listed on the right – click on the link and see the list of possible songs for that theme.
If you have a suggestion for a special theme, give me a call, I can probably come up with a list of songs to fit.

In Joy
Braden Corby

List of Theme Shows

“Everybody’s Favourites”
A one hour show with some great old songs and lots of sing-a-long favourites.
A collection of songs taken from the various theme shows below and tailored on-the-fly to suit the audience I’m playing for.

“The Vagaries* of Love”
An entertaining musical show of old favourites, love songs, comedy, poetry and sing-a-long – all to do with the many facets of love. This is my favourite show.
*Vagary: an unpredictable or erratic action; a whimsical, wild, or unusual idea, desire, or happening. Beware!!!! :-)

(A great show for Valentine's Day but good anytime of the year.)
See details and song list

"The Wearin’ of the Green" Everybody's Irish on St. Patricks Day.
Popular Irish tunes to listen to and sing-a-long with, plus a few Irish jokes and toasts.
See details and song list

"The British Isles"
A mixture of old and new English, Irish and Scottish songs (and a few Australian).
How about a British Pub night...?
See details and song list

 “A Folk Night”
A collection of favourite folk songs from the 60’s
Gordon Lightfoot, Ian & Silvia, Simon & Garfunkle, Kingston Trio, Stan Rogers, Peter Paul & Mary, John Denver, Harry Belafonte, and more.
See details and song list

"A Little Bit of Country"
Put on your cowboy hat and we'll gather around a pretend fire and sing some cowboy songs.
See details and song list

“Strictly Canadian eh!”
Old and new songs by Canadian artists. Canada has many artists who have become famous on the world stage. You’ll be amazed at how many popular songs are from Canadian artists. ‘Halleluiah’, one of the latest songs from a very senior Leonard Cohen, is one of THE most recorded songs worldwide (covered by other artists) and was performed at the 2010 Olympics. Listen to more of our rich Canadian song heritage.
See details and song list

“A Bit of Jazz & Blues”
From ‘Ain’t Misbehavin’ by Fats Waller to that torch song favourite ‘Summertime’, there’s some great old jazz & blues songs out there that everybody knows.
See details and song list

“Special Sing-a-long night”
A night of old standards – really old standards from before the war to the 60’s and from both North America and the British Isles. Everybody knows these songs!
See details and song list

"A Night at the Pub"
A great deal of my entertainment career was singing for bar and pub patrons; and these are some of their favourite songs. Familiar songs to just listen or, if they felt inclined, to sing-a-long to. You’ll have fun pretenting you’re out for a night at the pub.
See details and song list
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