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Central Saanich Senior Citizens' Association

Sunday Social Tea - May 27, 2012

Dear Braden,
Thank you for providing your “unique blend of sing-a-long & musical entertainment” at The Centre.
Your ability to perform and engage the audience made for an enjoyable afternoon with comments like “can we have him back”.
Thank You,
Glen Sprague Entertainment Coordinator The Centre

Braden Corby put on a wonderful performance for May's Sunday Social Tea. AM supplied The Centre News with this photo and can be quoted as saying "Braden's voice is out of this world, this was excellent entertainment. Everyone at the tea had a jolly good time!"
The Centre News for June 2012


Rose Bank Gardens, Victoria, B.C.

Dear Braden
The many residents and friends of Rose Bank Gardens that attended your fabulous program New Year’s eve would like to thank you very much for a most enjoyable evening. We hope to see you again soon.
Signed: The Residents of Rose Bank Gardens
Jan 10, 2012

Highgate Lodge, Victoria, B.C.

Dear Braden
Thank You very much for your music.
Signed: Residents of Highgate Lodge
May 28, 2012

Audience comments:
"You put on a excellent show that keeps people entertained and leaves people nourished and happy :). I was glad to be part it! " JK May 2012
"We really enjoyed the evening, it was great fun and great sing along. " K & M May 2012

"I did enjoy your performance last night. Great choice of music-- some an old lady could remember with fondness!
Your timing was perfect. Lovely voice, and you’ve got great stage presence.
I can see you on Canada’s got talent!" GS May 2012


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