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Here are some recordings I've done over the years.

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Along came Hopalong Cassidy and Bullbucking Man

There are two CD's of my earlier work - see notes below.

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Braden Corby
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Victoria, B.C. Canada V8R 6P5

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Samples below...

Album Notes From:

Live at the Brig : Champagne Charlie & The Big Bamboo

“The Brig” was the name of the lounge in the Brentwood Bay Inn in Brentwood, B.C..
The Inn was right on the water overlooking the marina and I loved the place. The lounge was a cozy little room complete with a fireplace (this was before it was expanded to include a games room); and the place was packed every weekend – standing room only! I was the house entertainer for 7 months in 1980 and then came back off and on for the next 5 years.

The clientele were locals plus loyal fans who came out from Victoria, braving the breathalyzer gauntlet on the way home, along with fishermen from all over the world who came to fish for salmon. I developed many friends from that time that are still around today.

There are actually two live albums I put together from that time. The first is “Champagne Charlie” – a collection of easy listening songs. This recording was obviously made on a quiet night as there is not a lot of audience interaction. The second is “The Big Bamboo”. I must warn you that this recording is definitely NOT politically correct! Comedy and sing-a-long was a big hit in the pubs in those days – especially material that was somewhat risqué (OK – some of it was downright dirty!); and we all had a great time laughing and singing. You’ll hear me talking to my good friends John and Sheila; and Paul and Pat were there that night too. There is some fisherman from Grande Prairie who made my night with his kibitzing and, of course, I picked on various members or the audience that night – including Mike Keepence who was the owner of the Brentwood Bay Inn. Mike sometimes slept in the room below the lounge. I had a habit of tapping my heel on the stool in time to the music. Mike said he could never go to sleep early when I was playing because the tapping kept him awake. So I guess the only solution was to come up and listen in person since he was up anyway.

The Brig was special to me. My gig there came at a time when I had developed most of my act, had a wealth of material, and was very comfortable entertaining – it was probably at the height of my music career. If I had a romantic vision of where I wanted to work it would have been a cozy room overlooking the water – and that was the Brig – so I was in my heaven.

Alas, time moves on. I went off to other ventures and eventually the Brentwood Bay Inn was sold, torn down, and now a new resort stands there. Nowadays, Mike & Kenny (the head chef from the “Brig’ days) own a restaurant in Central Saanich. Today I live in Victoria and I don’t entertain professionally any more. Recently I went through a big cleanup and came across the original recordings. I thought it might be fun to revive them to share with my friends and so I transferred them from tape to digital and made the CD’s and labels on the computer. I wish this technology was available 20 years ago – I would have made lots of them back then.
So here’s to those grand days. Enjoy my friends!
Christmas 2004

Album Covers

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Champagne Charlie - short sample (mp3 - 1meg)
Champagne Charlie - full song (mp3 - 2.8meg
Ain't Misbehavin' - full song (mp3 - 2.3meg)

Hopalong Cassidy
Apparently there are quite a few Hopalong Cassidy aficionados out there and I have had some requests of late for a song that I recorded over 20 years ago. I don't know where the song came from, I was playing in a bar somewhere in B.C. and some guy gave me the song. I never was able to find out where it came from originally. My friend Justis was runnning a studio in Vancouver at the time and we decided to record it and release it in Canada.
At the time a song called 'Off to the Rodeo' ("Well it's 40 below and I don't give a f***!") was a big hit in the discos, so I wrote Bull Bucking Man for that market. We couldn't decide which song should be on the 'A' side, so we called our label "Double 'A' Records" in order to solve that problem.
Along Came Hopalong Cassidy reached 'Top Ten' - Number Six on the charts in Stettler Alberta - my one and only claim to fame in the recording world. Obviously, Stettler is a town of considerable taste and culture :-) .

I've put it up on the site for the Hopalong fans. If you like the song, any donations for the effort gratefully appreciated - address on top of page.

Along came Hopalong Cassidy - full song (mp3 - 3 meg)
Bull Bucking Man - full song ful song (mp3 - 2.3meg)